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Matthew Gross

Matthew began studying Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan at the University of Sussex in 1991. In addition to teaching twice a week at the University club, he also continues to train with Sifu Christopher Lai who is the head of the NPC system. He gained his black belt in 1996 and has been an instructor of the Sussex University club since then. In 2019 he gained his 5th degree black belt and now dedicates much of his own training to learning the forms and techniques of the snake animal style.

In addition to teaching the regular classes Matthew is also available for one to one or small group tuition and can be contacted about this or any other aspect of the Sussex club on 07812342058.

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Sarah Kember

Sarah started training in martial arts when she was 40. Unwell at the time she was advised to exercise more to alleviate her symptoms. And it worked! She trained in Chen style Tai Chi and Wutan Kung Fu for 10 years before joining Sifu Matthew Gross at the University of Sussex. Under his tuition, she gained her black belt in 2017 and is now training for her second degree. 


Sarah offers two classes a week in women’s kung fu and self-defence. She loves teaching, and firmly believes that kung fu is for everyone. She finds it a privilege to see her students grow in confidence as well as in strength, fitness and flexibility.

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Carlos Saba

Carlos started training in Nam Pai Chuan in 1995. He achieved his first degree black belt in 1999 and then his second degree in 2005. He’s a strong believer that a healthy mind contributes to a healthy body and vice versa.

Kung Fu is a practice that evolves with the person; from being a source of martial discipline at a young age to supporting the cultivation and preservation of vitality as we get older.


Long lasting structures are built on solid foundations and this is why Carlos also believes that learning martial arts from childhood is so important. The combination of strength training, coordination and mental focus that Kung Fu requires provides benefits in our wider lives and long into adulthood.

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