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Kids classes

As well as great training for the body Kung Fu is great training for the mind.

In a world of ever increasing distractions and stimulation having a practice that grounds you is more valuable than ever.

And there's no better time to cultivate this practice than when you're young.

With our kids classes we aim to help your child be more aware of their bodies, increase their strength, enhance their flexibility, build their self confidence and promote their wellbeing.

They'll feel a sense of achievement by progressing through their belts.

They'll build their confidence and communication skills by supporting their fellow students.

They'll learn to regulate and manage their emotions through combat training.

And they'll have fun and build new friendships.

The structure and culture of the Nam Pai Chuan system will ensures that your kids will not only become proficient martial artists but will acquire the physical and emotional skills to thrive outside the dojo too.

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